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Our Governors

Emmanuel Community School has a committed Governing Body who are responsible for providing oversight and accountability within the school.

They play a critical role including monitoring and challenging progress of the school in achieving its priorities.

The Governing Body receives its delegation from The Emmanuel School Trust (TEST), which is responsible for setting the vision, ethos and the strategic planning of the school. Their role is to set the overall direction, monitor and evaluate performance and determine key policies.

Our Governing Body is made up of parents, staff (including the Headteacher), Directors of TEST, and other volunteers who all bring different views, experiences and skills. They help to support the Head Teacher as a ‘critical friend’ and offer a broad breadth of skills and expertise. The Governing Body has three sub-committees that meet regularly during the school year with specific remits delegated to them by the Governing Body.

If you want to contact the Governing body you can do so by writing to:

Dr A Oluwatudimu
Dr A Oluwatudimu
T Oluwatudimu
Governor and Free School Opener
T Oluwatudimu
Chair of Trust
B Greaves
Eugene Amo Dadzie
Chair of Governors
Mr E Amo-Dadzie
Vice Chair of Governors
T Hodgkinson
Shumina Miah
Parent Governor
S Miah
M Spink
Parent Governor
M Spinks
A Williams
A Williams
Bunmi Adekeye
Reginald Awoliyi

In accordance with the Academies Trust Handbook, below are the relevant business and pecuniary interests for the Governing body of Emmanuel Community School.

Full Name Committee Role Company involvement Other personal interests Holding shares or other securities as shareholder Term of office Appointed by
Dr A Oluwatudimu FPHAR Committee Director/ Governor Spouse is a Director of Trust Nil Nil 19/05/2011 to 19/11/2025 Founding Member
Mrs T Oluwatudimu CSI Committee Chief Executive Officer TEST Spouse is a Director of Trust Nil Nil 01/09/2012 to Lead Proposer
Mr B Greaves CSI Committee Chair of Trust Nil Nil Nil 20/11/2018 to 19/11/2025 Members
Mr E Amo-Dadzie FPHAR Committee Chair of Governors Nil Nil Nil 08/07/2020 to 07/07/2024 Members
Tracy Hodgkinson CSI Committee Vice Chair of Governors Husband is a Founding Member Nil Nil 08/07/2020 to 07/07/2024 Members
Simon Reeves All Committees Headteacher Nil Nil Nil 01/07/22 to Ex-officio as Headteacher
Ms S Miah CSI Committee Parent Governor Member of ECS staff Nil Nil 01/09/21 to 31/08/23 Parents
Michelle Spinks CSI Committee Parent Governor Nil Nil Nil 10/09/22 to 10/09/2024 Parents
Miss A Williams FPHAR Committee Governor Nil Nil Nil 08/07/2020 to 07/07/2024 Members
Bunmi Adekeye No Committee Governor Nil Nil Nil 20/11/2023 to 20/11/2026 Members
Reginald Awoliyi No Committee Governor Nil Nil Nil 20/11/2023 to 20/11/2026 Members
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