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French Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Year 3 – Green ClassPhonetics 1 (X) & I Am Learning Fr/Sp/It (E)Animals (E)Instruments (E)I Am Able …(Fr) I Know How To…(It/Sp) (E)Fruits (E)Ice-Creams (E)
Year 4 – Blue ClassSeasons (E)Vegetables (E)Presenting Myself (I)My Family (I)In the Classroom (I)At the Tea Room (Fr) At the Café (Sp) At the Restaurant (It) (I
Year 5 – Indigo ClassMy Family (I)The Date (I)What is the Weather? (I)Do You Have a Pet? (I)My Home (I) Romans (I) or Habitats (I) – Selection in quizzes
Year 6 – Violet ClassThe Date (I)Do You Have a Pet? (I)Clothes (I)At School (P)At the Weekend (P)Vikings (P)
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